Navigation Assistance

Stoke Gabriel is a small very attractive village located on the east bank of the River Dart some three miles south of Totnes.

Once in Stoke Gabriel Village, pass the garage/petrol station on your right and continue on the main road until you see the Baptist Chapel, a green coloured building on your left.

If you have travelled from Totnes, through the village of Aish, then you will approach Stoke Gabriel by the village bus shelter on your left.

Turn right opposite the bus shelter and pass the Baptist Chapel on your left. Here the road narrows and bears round to the left, passing Maddicks Orchard on your right before splitting into New Road and Paignton Road.

Bear left into Paignton Road. At the date of this letter we have not yet received planning consent for our roadside signs (we are in a conservation area) so please follow the next instructions carefully.

Approximately 80 yards down this section of Paignton Road after (all houses on the left in order) Long Hay, Highfield, Silver Springs, The White House and South Bank.  The next house is Rivallyn.

STOP by the Rivallyn house sign and you will see a public bench ahead of you with a small sign “Orchard Close” above the bench – again all on the left side of the road – and with a steepish tarmaced drive in between you and the bench.

ENGAGE FIRST GEAR and turn left to proceed up this private drive, bearing left as you drive to the very top of Orchard Close.

Using first gear will enable you to negotiate the long drive without having to race at it, or having to change down mid-hill.

On reaching the top you have arrived at Badgers Retreat.

WELCOME. Please turn right and park as far as you can along the forecourt. Helen and I will be waiting to welcome you to our home